One of a Kind

I've been told it doesn't make much sense but I think it does; in order to be happy, one has to know who they are and like it

When life is bringing you down
Dunking you until you drown
And there’s no one around
To pick you up off the ground;
When the world is picking fights
Not allowing you your rights
And no one wants to be nice
And you are paying the price,
Remember this speech
Take note as I preach
I’m sure you’ll agree
We all need to be
True to who we are inside
Even if you’ve ever lied
About that person, I advise
Know honesty is truly wise

The key to being happy
Isn’t anything sappy.
Just know you are meant to be
Who you really are you see
Don’t change for anyone
For despite the many suns
No matter how far you run
Replicas: there are none
Loving yourself displays
That you have no dismay
With your life, you’re not afraid
To be judged, to get a grade.
Let’s join together without ado
Spread this message, make it through
This life of ours and very soon
We’ll rise up and make them swoon

The End

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