One more line

Black trousers, black shoes

no shirt, sweating

friends for years, secretly I loved

she knew, I think

but didn't return it


new years party, big group of friends

hers, not mine

into recreational stuff. She said to me

chill if I go upstairs, I may do one line

no more or less, only one line


I shrugged, and said fine

secretly screaming, you stupid b****

your beautiful daughter, your new guy

(a little jealous, but he was cool)

what could I say? I was drunk too


one line, one more

three in the bathroom, just one more

midnight passed, bored conversations

strangers I hated, superficial fools

where was she? doing one more 


enough was enough, I knocked on the door

heard crying and more, my shoulder went through

splinters and noise, all too late.

black trousers, black shoes

just one line, one too many

The End

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