One More Chance For A Dying BreedMature

Kill your demons before your heart becomes stone 

Muscles stop twitching as they're removed from the bone 

Break the barriers that hold you down 

Dont you fucking dare let your thoughts make you drown 

How many more seconds does it take to frown? 

Before i go, you must know how beautiful you are in that gown 

Now just bury me 

To where i cannot see 

Tears wont be fucking seen 

Take a good look at this horrendous scene 

Watch me laugh myself to sleep 

Insanity taking over, buried in my head so deep 

So fucking deep! a knife doing the same 

Arent you just a pitiful shame 

Do you hear the sound of a heart breaking? 

Eyes dilating and my hands shaking 

Scream at the tops of my lungs 

But only if your hanging from ceiling rungs 

Ill break his neck and cut out his undeserving eyes 

I quite enjoy his dying sighs 

Lets take this to new highs

From mountains he'll jump 

To have his body go splat and la slumped 

The End

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