One month

You stood up and did up your pants

And then all I saw was your back

Dread crept down my back and made my sweat cold

I was just like the rest

The dark part of me quips at least you got to rattle his bed posts before you became a notch

I hate that part of me,drives me straight into another heart of darkness.

Your blood coagulates and you need another’s hands to keep the blood flowing and your heart beating

I could breathe life into you

Would it give you a will to live right?


My dress feels like a burlap sack

All you do is stare at me with my shoes in my hands

Then you stick a bottle of water into the toe of my shoes

I look down at it in disgust

Knowing it’s lukewarm and will most likely turn my stomach

While I’m distracted you sneak in for a kiss

I kiss you because that’s what I do

That’s who I am

And I’m sadden to know I feel empathy for you.


You mutter the acceptable good byes

So you got my number and I yours…

You won’t call me in your hours of need

And I will be left stuffing it all down

Pretending all I need is the company of friends, and a libation every now and then


As I left your house I shook that water bottle until the cap burst free.

I didn’t watch the plastic concave or the water explode taking on the properties of fire

I walked quietly on even as my limbs shook.

I know every word you’d say if you ever saw me like this

And I don’t want to hear them so I briskly walk ahead

You may have seen it all but you haven’t seen it all with me

The emotions that take shape on my face…

The endless surprise that is life…

So I threw myself into the fray, so I threw myself into the fray…

The End

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