One Moment within Time

It was like: When you first bite into a frozen chocolate covered strawberry, and you hesitate because you know its going to be cold, but good at the same time, or when you step barefoot into cold water, your scared at first because of the feeling but then you realize its harmful and its all in your mind 

I was having strange flashbacks, back to when I needed to breathe you to survive, or when I needed to taste you to be able to feel full, or when I needed to touch you so that I can feel whole and not incomplete. 

I jumped back to who I was, and for a brief moment I trusted you with my heart

I gave you what you deserved, and what you need to keep breathing, something that wont keeps us apart

It felt so comfortable when I felt those same rhythm of your heart beats bounce to my drum, making our own little march like we did years ago before you departed.

For that brief moment, before your lips left my breath,  Everything felt so good, Everything stood still in a classic black and white.

Our harmony together was on pitch, and perfectly just right.

But then it was over, and you took my words with you when you inhaled.

Leaving me in a stale mate, but with a cleaf belief of where I was and who I was in my life.

The End

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