one day

when your hands shake
over your keyboard, 
be careful. 

i pray of you, 
there will come a day, 
when everything is too much

and if you are one of those people
who bend and bend
but do not break

please don't think that
means you will never snap eventually

when the voices whisper to you at night, 
stardust swirling in your veins, 
begging for release, 
they lie. 
listen to me, i beg of you, 
listen to me. 

the murmurs of nighttime air
are all slander and despising spits of insults, 
they are not truth, i promise

and so when your mind turns to darkness
and you can't see anything these days 
and one day you don't want to exist anymore

don't do what i did. 

go, please, 
go and tell somebody, 

one day-

well, there'll be a 'one day'.

The End

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