One day

 Eventually she will too big for her ducky tub

As time passes by me like the wind during a storm I am reminded of that

I  watch this tiny human splashing around

As if it’s filled with happiness instead of water

Green eyes filled with wonder as the bubbles pop one by one in her tiny palm

 One day she will trade her tea parties for keg parties

I will no long have to plead with her not to eat grass

but will have to beg her to eat something

She will search for what she thinks is love

 And she  will find it in

In some teenage boy who thinks swag is a real thing

Eventually she’ll be too big for her ducky tub

The massacre of cheerio’s in the frustration of missing her mouth

will turn into to a massacre of self-esteem that she is not society’s image of beauty

She will trade her bubble gum smile of innocences for a Charlie brown frown of reality

She will have to learn about of a different set of birds and bees

 Instead of watching in awe as they fly and buzz around her.

She will no longer cry about the monsters under the bed,

But will cry about the monsters roaming the halls at school whose cruel words are like knives.

One day she will be too big for her ducky tub but that is not today.

The End

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