One day

One day I'll smile

Because I showed the whole wide world

That all the while 

I lost time after time, something small but special was curled.

A tiny spark that needed help to light

A tiny spark too small to fight

When you licked your fingers and let it burn out.


One day I'll leap 

Into the person I was always meant to be

But I'll still keep

All the things that you all failed to see.

A person who never made the cut

A person who always failed but

Only broke in the shelter of her own four walls


One day I'll grow tall

And I'll show you all, everything that you missed

You'll all seem so small

All those judging my worth and the boys that I've kissed

Those boys that thought I was cheap 

Those boys that I couldn't keep

Once they'd used up everything that i had


One day I'll put on a show

I'll show you that I'm not meant to be,

Stuck in the chorus line where no one can see,

The way that I can pretend

The way I can straight send

Goosebumps down your thin skin

When you think Of the girl I've been

When you think of how small I was

When you think how I cried because

You never gave me the chance to be

Something more than...plain old me....


One day I wont be so easy to overlook 

One day I wont be the girl that you took 

To be worth nothing more than three lines


One day I wont come third place

One day I wont think of the look on your face

When you smiled and told me I wasn't good enough...


One day, 

I'll shout to you, I'll say to your faces, I'll show you

that I will go and set the world on fire

Right. On. Cue.

The End

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