One Dance Is All You Get

I treaded delicately into the growing gloom,
my pulse quickened when i reached the forest,
tall trees above me sheilded my innocent eyes,
alone i walked in darkness but i knew i wasnt lost,
a twinkling of starlight illuminated the red flowers,
that littered the forest floor so pure and innocent,
i lifted one in my hand and heard a rustling behind me, 
he was waiting in the shadows and now he'd caught my scent,
his eyes like glowing rubys as he took my hand in his,
we danced for hours beneath the blanket of the stars,
his hands were cold as ice, shimmering like diamonds, 
but soft as silk as he held me in his arms,
the night was long and peaceful, the forest watched transfixed,
as the moons rays reflected on his sharp teeth,
my blood went cold but still it flowed, 
through my delicate body as we weaved through frozen trees,
an owl who saw my fall from grace, 
sounded mourneful as he sang,
and saw the small red flower,
crushed in my ice-cold palm.

The End

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