One Boy's Love to One Girl

Since we were required to write a poem from the point of view of a child of the oppositr gender, I guess this would be a correlating poem to my first one...

When I was three, I picked red flowers to give you,

When I was five, I took you to see the blossom fields .

When I was seven, I moved away from you, and missed you…

When I was nine, I came back and we laughed together.

When I was eleven, I raced  you just to be with you.

When I was thirteen, I was shy and watched you from far...

When I was fifteen, I sought the courage to approach you again,

When I was fifteen, I wanted to tell you  I loved you-

                                                                 since the day we met,

When I was fifteen, I wanted to promise you

                                                               that I'm yours forever-

But I didn't!

And now




The End

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