When I think of you

I can't speak correctly

I move my mouth and words come out

But I'm not understood

I try to say what's on my mind

And it comes out in a jumbled mess

My hands twitch and I can't stop smiling

The butterflies are breakdancing

When I think of you.

I can't help but be nervous

There's nothing I notice that I don't like

It's getting harder and harder to breathe

I can't focus on anything I think about

When I think of you.

I think about how beautiful you are

I think about how funny you are

How cool you are

How amazing you are

How perfect

And it pains me everyday that you don't see it

Even more that I don't know how I would prove it

When I think of you, I think of me

And then,

I think of us.

The End

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