This is the only place on protagonize I write any poetry whatsoever. The title says list, but there may not be very many on here. As for the One, that depicts myself. There's nothing in these that should be described more than myself

The world has turned into a black hole, sucking him away

1000 years of hate all piled onto one soul, and it's slowly tearing him to pieces

He's quiet, scared, depression has become the bed he sleeps in

He doesn't know what's left to fight through. nor will he ever want to

His mind is scarred, his body bruised, his soul torched

The demons he's faced would be enough to drive any normal person to death

But that's just it, normal, he isn't, normal is one thing he can never be

He's spent more than fifteen years running through the deepest depths of hell

For him, normal just doesn't exist.

The End

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