Getting past the corporeal.

There’s a variety of closeness,

You can’t get from a kiss or a hug,

The corporeal means so much less now,

Boy I’d share your mind if I could.


I want to meld my soul with yours,

To face the day as one,

To open our eyes to the future,

And feel that we have won.


This barrier of skin,

Muscle, sinew, bone,

Is nothing but a nuisance now,

Trying to make me feel alone.


So I won’t ever stop hoping,

And I don’t think you will either,

To leave my old self behind,

To cast our bodies to the ether.


Mayhap when it’s our time to die,

When all is said and done,

Our souls will swiftly outwards spring,

So we’ll be free and one.


And when we’re out and free,

When our souls can finally touch,

I won’t waste a moment to ponder why,

Because I love you so much.

The End

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