Once Upon a Time There Wasn't

Once upon a time there wasn’t a prince charming,                                                                             

There wasn’t a wicked witch or an evil queen,                                                                                      

There wasn’t a jealous step-sister or two,

There wasn’t a group of enchanted animals,

There wasn’t a weak or girly princess


Once upon a time there was a slob who cheated on his wife,

There was a step mum who was better than the real thing,

There was a new brother or sister who was doted on,

There was an old, blind fox who was hit by a car,

There was a group of women called feminists who fought for equality


Once upon a time there wasn’t a castle made of glass, 

There wasn’t a cottage made of sweets,

There wasn’t a wild forest that came alive at night,

There wasn’t a poisoned apple from a witch,

There wasn’t a gilded coffin from which a princess rose from the dead


Once upon a time there was a building made of a glass reaching for the sky,

There was a council flat in Harrow that was covered in mould,

There was a patch of grass in the middle of Manchester, littered with beer bottles,

There was a restaurant that was closed down due to food poisoning,

There was a gloom graveyard full of crumbling grave stones


Once upon a time there wasn’t time for imagination,

Once upon a time there was reality




The End

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