Once Upon A Time, The Lonely Girl Fell Off A Bridge

i write sad things when sad

There was once a girl
who was a lonely, quiet girl.
And another one,
who was brash and had no friends.

If you're expecting a faerytale,
this isn't one.

The Lonely Girl
made friends with the Brash One,
years from when it was really needed.

And so the Brash One
outgrew her brash tendencies,
but the Lonely Girl did not.

The One told her
that it was simply late,
that it would soon leave.

But it did not.

The Lonely Girl
felt depression drawing her
into its cold, sterile claws.

And the One was left to
care for her,
and she tried her best.

But the One was only
another girl, after all.
And the Lonely Girl
was a sick, sick teenager.

So the One continued to
attempt to help,
she tried so hard 
to keep this girl
from tipping off the edge.

Until one day
the Lonely Girl
found herself 
on the wrong side of the rail
on a very high bridge.

And the One 
talked in rushed sentences,
becoming brash once more
trying to convince
the Lonely Girl to come down.

But the Lonely Girl
decided to end her loneliness,
because a dead person
cannot cry,
so she let go
and fell

And the Lonely Girl 
became the Girl,
and the One
felt as though things were
crumbling, things
that really shouldn't.

So the Girl
left behind her depression,
and instead, because the world
requires balance,
the One 
became sick with grief,
a thick veil 
that was so much worse
than the brashness she had once had.

And so the Lonely Girl
outfell her lonely tendencies,
but the Grieving One did not.

The mother told her
that it was too early,
that it would take time.

But time passed,
and the Grieving One
found herself on the very same
bridge that the Girl had been on.

And she met the same fate.

The End

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