Once Upon A Time

When seeing someone online for the first time, the one you really like, how do you feel?

Once upon a time
I saw your picture
Got curious and interested
Began to chat with you, online
I sent you thousand texts; 
To get a humble reply from you.

Many days have passed
Could not wait until you trust my sky
Wanted to see your guiltless face 
And pretty smiles
Began to talk to you, online
I spoke, thousand times;
To get a shy word from you.

Many days went on
I went to your place by your request 
And with my own desire
When I saw you for the first time, 
I felt like a bird; flying in the wild
My eyes, running onto every little curve, 
Every single movement of your body-parts
My heart beat so fast liked 1000 bullets,
Hit my chest, beyond my mind.

Many weeks have gone
Because my heart was burning like fire 
And erupted like volcanoes
I flew back to you alone, 
To your strange place, among strange people
I kissed you thousand times; 
Just to get one pure kiss from you, unspoiled.

The End

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