Once upon a time

Turning a new leaf, sort of

Once upon a time

This figure of speech is how I thought of your confusion

Confusion in not understanding how much my heart would flare

It would flare up like a little boy making a wish on that one star in the sky

Only to find out that that star was too heavy with the weight of his wish

That wish to only see you understand what he really means when he says he loves you

You that girl that is like those thousands of pennies on the road

Those pennies that people care about but not enough to see that in the long run they’ll amount to something

And something great because you are so beautiful that it makes my eyes hurt

And it’s funny that you don’t see it

That you can only tell me that I haven’t seen your bad side

But really if I was smart Id take your hand and guide you

Guide you to a mirror to look into

No to see your reflection

But to see the way your heart shines everyday

It shines to me in no way you can contemplate

Because you just don’t understand what naivety really is

It’s me not knowing how to show you what I’m really trying to say

The End

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