Once Upon A Broken Heart

You told me you would be there.
You even said it aloud.
Broken promises.....
Again and again,
Among a witnessing crowd.

I stand in the center of millions of people.
It makes no difference,
For my heart is an outcast,
All too long in life it stood alone.

I let you in to love me.
To be the one to hold me.
But you walked away
From what you once called your life.

We carved our names on our oak tree,
The one were we planted our first kiss.
Grazing my lips along your face.
We had it all, we had the bliss.

But today is the first day of life moving on.
The sorrowful echos and cries of my voice
I am leaving behind
To be forgotten.

So now I look up with my head held high.
You may have hurt me in an unbearable way.
But the warmth of the sun on my face
Bring me solace and comfort
In a way you only wish you could.

And so I sit here and remember
Our loving days we spent together.
Letting go is sometimes hard.
But I must if were are to be apart.

Contemplating memories and forgiveness
Once upon a broken heart.

The End

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