Once upon a Bord Old Time....

Ok, heres the background. I wrote this when I was sleepy in maths class, and thorughly fedup of this one damn sum. Im sure many students can relate to this poem, so read, give feed back and rate!


Once upon a little time,

I did write a little rhyme,

Out of Boredom,

Out of mind

Out of utter waste of time,

About nothing but a clock,

That ticked, but seemed as it had stopped.

About a sum, so long and complex,

It made my mind fully perplexed.

And now my brain, sleep worn and beaten,

All torn up and minced, battered, eaten,

Must drift off to the land of dream,

Land of caramels, sweets and cream,

Chocó puffs and candy castles,

Balloons and cakes and colourful tassels.

So goodnight, oh big blackboard; 

Scratchy desk and Rickety chair,

Sayonara, dearest maths book,

sums and pens and pencils there,

And classmates,

To you I do well fare,

Good night, good luck, and good affair!


The End

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