Once there was a girl born too big for her world

She started out Big
A twenty pounder!
Doctors couldn't believe it
Nope, no tumor
Nope, not fat

She started out strong
Could lift daddy's whole hand
Nearly broke mommy's breast
Bottle feeding was risky, too
She was a sweet baby

 She grew up a little
Good grades
Didn't fit well in chairs
Six feet in sixth grade

High school
Too Big
Alone in her white room
Study time on a table too small
Head touching the ceiling
Even though she's sitting

Too Big to friend
Too Big for school
Too Big for love

Looking out the window
Gloomy Saturday
Can't leave the house
Too Big

Beautiful boy reading outside again
All alone under the pines
Her window-sized face watching through the window
She's all alone, too

He sees her and runs away

Looking out the dusty window
Hardly light coming in
Just dark and dust and alone
Knock on her door

Beautiful boy came to meet her!
No, that's too cliché, of course
She opens the door to find a pressed flower
Teenage heart pounds disobediently
Here's her White Knight! 

 Not so alone
Flower taped beside the window
She watches and waits, alone in dark and dust
Where is her White Knight?

Seasons pass
Flower starts to turn to dust
Beautiful, unloved silken hair on the Big girl
She fills the white-painted attic
Teenage heart fills with despair
Where is her White Knight?

Coughing in the dusty attic
Her parents fled a while ago
 Squirrels will have to be her food
Where is her White Knight?

Rainy day
Kids knocking on the door
From the attic she bids them in
They throw rocks and poke and prod
They leave and she's alone again
Her White Knight would save her, right?

Heart leaps out her chest
White Knight kissing Sarah outside!
The White Knight won't save her now
Who will save her?

Next dark day in the dark year
The Big girl stands
Boards and steel cringe and shiver
And burst and break
She stands Big
Big as any house
Big in stature
Big in strength
Big in heart

She leaves the town
She must be her White Knight 

The End

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