Once mine, now a memory in time.

Just a poem, join along? :D

My love for you is like nothing I’ve felt before

The way you make me feel,

Condemns me to kneel and

Pray for the day where you will say

“I love you.”


I want you to be mine,

To treasure forever

I feel like I’ve lost you,

Once mine,

But now just a memory in time


Dying would be better than lying here

Lost in these thoughts full of tedious knots

At times like these

I want to drown in the deep seas,

I want to burn and never return

I want to enter a never ending coma and,

Smell the aroma of fresh dreams,

Where everything is as seems

I want to be high in the sky,

Above all,

Me standing tall


But most of all,

I want you,

To call on me,

So forever we can be drifting away,

In the sea of our hearts,

And never be part

The End

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