Once in a lifetime

quest of finding love

Everyone dreams of a special love, one that makes you feel like your in heaven above when your with the love of your life.

But sometimes love hurts so bad when you can't be with the one you love it makes you sad and your suddenly mad at life.

And sometimes love cuts through your heart like a knife and you feel like you can't strive, and it just drives you crazy and your thinking that maybe this was'nt meant to be.

And now you want to cry or even dye when you realise that you spend so long searching for a love that might have been wrong all along.But dont give up hope life does'nt always go the way we plan, sometimes all that you have planned just slips through your fingers like sand.

But true love can only be defined with time, so just keep on looking no matter how long it takes, no matter the heartbreaks, it only takes time your true love you will find in the end on destiny you can depend, for true love you can only find once in a lifetime.   

The End

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