What follows are a few moments of complete honesty, a collection of thoughts that go through my head after posting something new on Protagonize. It's pretty much exactly like this every time.

Though, to be clear, I've never actually deleted a story or poem because it went unnoticed.

I've written something new,
It's no work of art.
It's not my best
But hey, it's a start,
It's a start.
Refresh! Refresh!

It's fresh from the press,
From my heart to you.
I know it ain't great
But come on,
It's new!
Refresh! Refresh!

I'm hoping for a rec,
A marker, a view or two.
Give me a comment,
A fav, anything will do.
Refresh. Refresh.

It's been a long time
Since I've gone through this mess;
It's torture,
Plain and simple,
Unless, unless...
Refresh, refresh.

Should I make it more enticing,
Do some inviting?
Do some promoting?
No, it will be discovered,
It will be uncovered -
If it's worth noting.
Refresh. Refresh.

I should have put more time in,
Maybe slipped some rhyme in.
I should know better than to rush.
My work is always better
After gathering some dust.
Refresh... Refresh...

Throw this dog a bone,
Let me save some face.
Please let me know
My words aren't lost
In the vast
Darkness of space.
Refresh... refresh...

Nothing. No notice.
No attention.
It's hard to sit in silence
While hoping for a laugh,
A tear,
A lion's roar.
Refresh... refresh?

I give up,
Time to shut it down.
This one's dead,
Let's put it in the ground.
Just one last...

The End

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