On The Path To Agony and Ecstacy

For whom the wrath expires
Barley a saviour even for those
With one wish
To depart from her rapture
Blood red eyes, my soul doth awake
Screaming in the archaic imprisonment
Of a lost romance
On the path to agony and ecstasy

My primitive sins, thou shalt tempt
Thy poison apple, sweetness inclined
Oblivion is not spared as I dare to even crave
One kiss from your lips is the unholy desire

For whom the death stills in mercy
Maudlin Hearts shorn of a cure
Spilling a blood so tainted
Yet I shall stay, her succubus cocoon
My blackened soul is my thy bidding
In Tristessa I have never known
An embrace of unholy semblance
On the path to agony and ecstasy

The corpse of my God, you sit on his throne
Thy venom stills me in meagre addiction
Thou hast distilled; I shed tears of gratitude
Awakened to share thy poison
My weakness is thy strength
Killing; thy touch shatters my body
Loving; I never want it to cease

On the Path to Agony and Ecstasy 

The End

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