On the Matter of Coincidence

Why did Chuck Yeager break the speed of sound on the ninth try, and not the seventh or eighth?
Why did Wilt Chamberlain score exactly 100 points on that particular Friday night in the NBA?
Why was it Apollo 11 that landed on the moon, and not Apollo 9 or 10?
Why was it September 11th?

Why did a grey whale swim into downtown Vancouver?
Why was the Hindenburg filled with hydrogen instead of helium?
Why was the zeppelin dock on the Empire State Building never used?
How was the tiny island of Cuba host to a nuclear missile crisis?
How did Lee Harvey Oswald make that shot?

How is Chernobyl the sight of nuclear meltdown?
Why do we drive on the right side of the road?
How did three separate scientists discover oxygen at the same time?
How have so many dwarves come to stand on the shoulders of giants?

How did we come to discover wine and its companion cheese?
Why did we end up with AC power in our cities?
How did we ever believe the Earth was anything but round?
How did Bob Dylan put the notes and words of ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ together?

Why did Bobby Fischer take up playing chess?
What lead Ronald Reagan into the role of President?
Why do we read left to right and top to bottom?
Why do we make our paper from trees?
How did we arrive at Twitter?

What brought Matthew Broderick together with Ferris Bueller?
What turned Einstein’s letter of warning to Roosevelt into the atomic bomb?
How did we let the stock market crash?
How did tea once decide the fortunes of the world?
What allowed Homo Sapien to prevail?
Why did we decide on God?

The End

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