On The Fringes

It's about finding the courage to tell someone how you truly feel (one you love or hate)

I stood on the fringes wishing I could say the words

It's another night and chances passed by, another time forgotten

I'm at the mercy of the whims of my friends

As I sit alone, waiting for all of this to end


I wish I had what it takes to move on

If only I could've finished what was left unsaid

Letting go is easy in words, but beauty scratches at the truth

All I've known is the feeling of burning down and starting anew

Forgetting myself, staring at the white walls of this room


Again comes the dark

And I know my courage has been absorbed by failure

Where do I begin

Which pieces do I pick up and rebuild myself with


My mind rocking with the tide

I couldn't bear to face what I've got left

The water's carrying me to the eye of the storm

To face a fate I couldn't bear to accept


Let myself disappear, and maybe I'll finish what I barely started

I could bring back the ghosts and thoughts, of ideas long departed

The ideas bouncing inside of my puzzled head

It's so simple now, I'll have a stronger voice instead


This is what I've got

Another brave thought left to rot

But mistakes will come and the courage will go

But I'll never succeed if I never know 

The End

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