On the cliffs of Watergate Bay.

As a child my favourite holiday destination was Watergate Bay near Newquay in Cornwall. Then it was a natural unspoiled place. I have not been back for many years. This is my memories of the moonlight cliff walks I took with my family.

On the cliffs above Watergate Bay.

salty sea lips,

Dry and sore,                                                                         

Whisper the wonder of nature

As we lay at the edge of a flower scented soft tufted cliff,

Gazing down at rock-bound  seals,

Oblivious to our watching eyes,

Nocturnal activities undisturbed.                                                                                            
A lupine, mournful barking,

A greeting to a tidal moon.

A silvery-red light hovers on the horizon,

A ship answering the canine howl,

With booming retort,                                                                                                               

The capricious ocean,

lunatic with fury



Like a whip scourging at the rocks.                                                                                          

In calmer tides,

Teasing, sensual

Like a lover’s gentle kiss.

 Like thieves in the night,

We steal silently away.                                                             
Taking nothing but the memory of

Night and

The cliffs of Watergate Bay.

The End

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