The girl steps forward,
Her confidence is too strong.
She cares not for those
That are watching,
But carries on regardless.

In her hand the knife,
So sharp and pure.
She does not stop
But holds it out
And takes another step.

It thrusts through,
Soft flesh parting. 
He falls and screams.
He begs her
To let him go, let him live.

In desperation
He asks her to think
Of the children
And his family
Who are waiting at home.

But she looks at him
With her eyes so dead
And her hand bloodied
She walks away.

He falls again.
Looks up with crumpled face.
Says, "And they need
Me to come home.
They need me."

Hearing his cry,
She turns to watch
His final moments.
As he is still
She says, "And?" 

The End

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