Bleep. Bleep bleep. Bleeeeeep.
Hospital alarms ringing shrilly,
I'm kneeling beside your bed
And I know
That it's for the last time.

Shocks and compressions,
To try and make you live
But there's nothing.
And I know
I've got to say goodbye.

I'm singing softly, a whisper,
Like you always said I should.
And you're the only one
That I know
Who loved my voice.

But you can't hear me now,
Perhaps you'd smile if you could:
You never will.
Because I know
That this is the end.

I'm kneeling by the bed
Your final place of rest
Hoping and praying for miracles.
Yet I know
That I'm saying goodbye.

Because I've seen too many stories
To believe in fairy tales
I can never think of happiness
Because I know
That the end is always goodbye.

The End

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