The End

I didn't want to have to say goodbye,
but I've been driven to extremes.
I didn't want you to remember me like this,
and I'm sorry.

I didn't want you to ever know
how much I'm suffering.
I didn't want you to have to realise
that I'm not going home.

Tell them I'm not coming back
else I'll have to break the news.
Tell them I said sorry
and they never heard. 

Tell them the world wasn't the place for me
but I never had the courage.
To let go was too much,
and heaven so far away.

Tell them at this moment
that I'm in a better place, watching you.
And I didn't want to have to sing these words,
didn't want to have to write these down. 

Because they seem too much
like a suicide note.
When in reality, I've merely
run away from home. 

If you've found this, then you'll know
that I'm not coming back.
There's nothing for me here,
but this isn't the end. 

It's the beginning, and I know
I'm gonna make it through this.
I'm gonna live to see you
Just once again.

I'm gonna have a chance
to tell you how I feel.
But that day is not today.
I'm sorry.

There's nothing more to say,
save "Goodbye." 

The End

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