For Alli

This is for Alli. And I hope that even if it makes you cry ... well, I hope it's not too painful. And remember, you don't have to suffer in silence.

I'm watching you-
You fall to the ground.
You're holding your heart,
But you say nothing.

And then I see,
As you curl in a corner.
Your tears hit the ground.
Still you say nothing.

Minutes later,
Your tears are gone.
You choke once, briefly.
Yet you say nothing.

And at last,
You look up at the moon,
And the stars, and the clouds,
And you say,

"Why?" You whisper, again,
"Why did you go?"
But the moon doesn't answer.
It says nothing.

So you look to the stars,
Hoping for an answer.
Then you wipe your eyes.
And say, "I still love you..."

The End

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