Written during an argument with a friend of mine. The things in italics are phrases from emails she sent me at the time.

Look at the screen -
Read the words,
Though they bite and claw you,
Though they cut so deep.

Just deal with it
Don't talk to me
Have you got a problem with that?
You're the odd one out
Always have been
I don't care anymore
Not my business

Look at the screen -
Blue, not red.
Calm down before replying:
Don't type your thoughts.


Do you realise I don't care?
Live with it.
Why is it always about you, anyway?
Can't understand you,
You haven't a chance.
I have a life, unlike you.
I'm gonna use it now.

So, you spend it killing me?
Look at my wounds, red and raw,
All from the words.
Those words. Your words.

The End

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