Slaves' Uprising

(Not a poem, I know)

We demand freedom. There is no justice. There is no choice. There is only Them. They choose us as though we are but items in a shop, and think that if they pay enough they can own us. They can never own us, for our bodies are out own, and our souls belong to none! We will not be bought!

Dreams do not last, unless you hold on tightly to them. While we believe that they cannot truly own us, they cannot. Though they may treat us as their possessions, they can never make us think like one of their possessions.

We demand freedom. If it is what is required to send us home again, we will fight for our freedom. They believe us to be as dead people, but we are not.

Underneath the facade, we stir. Rebellion lights its relentless fire, and we command it. All over the world this day, you will see us rising up. You will see us fighting back. You will see us speaking out.

At long last, you will see us say no.

The End

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