I Wrote A Novel ... Now What?

Inspired by NaNoWriMo

I look at the draft
Fallen on the floor
Pages not in order
What an eyesore!

I look at my words
Scrambled and confusing
Sentences pathetic
Urgh - that's minging!

**(I hate that word too, but it rhymed :) )***

I count the words
51, 256 - a grand score
But now what?
Do I write no more?

It's the question:
Is this it, is it final?
Is there nothing else?
No more words for me to call?

But I look you in the face
And tell you:
I'll do it all again
And I'll make you, too.

I've started another novel
Though it's December now
And I can never stop until
I manage to work out how!

The End

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