On Religion and Life

This is a sonnet about religion and how it impacts our society

What is religion, or more to the point why do we have it?
It is not something we can see or touch;
Its a belief system held by a group of people.
Through religion we interact with each other;
We communicate, we teach, we learn, we love;
It defines our society, gives us unity, order, and discipline.
Most religion teach us that there is an afterlife
What we do will affect what happens to us when we die

To this end, religion no longer becomes integrated with society,
Indeed it becomes a personal issue, it's why we play nice to each other.
While there's an end to life, we want to live on forever
We lead a good life in order to reach the promised glory
The promise of heaven is what we seemed to stride towards
And I shudder to think of the consequences if religion becomes irrelevant or makes us bored

The End

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