on love - i am an expert on the patching together of broken pieces from the bludgeoning fist of love

i have a dozen people i have loved and lost 

and their imprints are left in faded marks across my ribs 
like straining hands trying to get at my heart
there are splintered pieces of bone in my lungs from their reaching 

and i loved them all 

fiercely, like someone loves the sky 
a distant apparition to admire 
but never to touch 
because if you try to wrap yourself in its substance 
it will choke you of air and leave you stranded

love it from a distance
but never up close 

you will bleed from it and it will not recover from your hurts 
this is the lesson i impart unto you 
for the sole purpose of never heeding it 

do not use my mistakes as guidelines
i am a deeply flawed individual and you deserve no grief from me. 

but i love quick and easy
like sliding into a lake 
first your legs, then your hips, then your shoulders

and all of a sudden your head's under too

i have long since learned that my heart will hurt 
until i don't feel anything at all
and i have accepted the ache over the emptiness

it is a sacrifice i will make to be human 

and i am sorry that one day you will break a heart or have your heart broken
maybe both 
maybe already 

but i promise you
everything always seems worth it for love. 

The End

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