And a reason to be hopeful

O' jaunty lass wi' furrowed brow
she bites as hard as pain allow
upon her fair and dainty lip
as her new bairn do sook an' sip
upon her breast, so tender-new
to fill himsel' wi' his mothers dew
her glaikit canny look's replaced
by gentle wonder
- spread oer' her face

She wraps him roond wi' giants hand
meek! his neck it canna stand
the weight o' his ain muckle head
she pulls him of, its time fair bed
But wi nowt tae fill his maw
Out comes his biling crabbit ca'
His wabbit face now girning red
he's got good lungs,
- was what they said

She hushed and cooed and swung him round
and fair the first time she slowly found
the way to calm him out his birl
quiet now his fingers curl
and its his turn for furrowed brow
hush yer sel's
- he's sleepin now

The End

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