On hope

A one of a couple of poems I wrote quite some time ago on the subject of hope. I think limerence played a big part in my life at the time, as it does for many of us tortured soul types ;)

That ellusive beast
That eats us from within
only to throw us up again.
It is meaningless, it is everything.
It is our last light and our heart's perpetual torturer.

With it we are torn adrift, without it;

It dreams of things we cannot see;
so we do things
we never thought we could
It dreams of things that cannnot be;
so we dont do
the things we should

it is the uneasy hesitation that haunts
every act made against it
it is the leaping heart that runs without thought
towards exctasy.

It catches us when we fall
Shiney and bright
it saves us from our nightmares.
But shiney and bright
it ties us to the things we want
so we fall over all over

But for all it tortures us
for all it rules our lives
In being fulfilled
it is what we live for.


EDIT - please add your own poem or story about what hope means to you!

The End

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