On Holiday

I kept all the letters and it still doesn't help,  try not to think about it

Sometimes I think that nothing will,  you have your whole life to live 

I'd like to throw dust down at my own grave,  it's the little things

Just to see if it would speed up the day,  men cry too

I'd throw dust down at your one too,  we live and learn

Just because I'd have nothing good to say,  open your eyes

And I'd light a candle and hold it in a still breeze,  look for tomorrow

Something tells me it wouldn't stay alight,  smile and the world smiles

I'd get drunk at your wake and embarass myself,  open up

But at least I'd be celebrating your life in the way I ended mine,  live

I like to think that means something special,  try new things

Yet I doubt it does and you'd only despise me for it,  you only live once

But we've got drunk before,  don't

                    Puked up before,  let

                  All down the floor,  go

Cleared it up the next day, or not and ran away,  it's a lesson learnt

I'd wait by those gates, up those stairs if they were there,  shake it up

Something tells me we wouldn't be allowed  I love you


If we sink down in to this earth and create something to grow,

We've probably done more in our death than our life,

I'd like to think in twenty years a plant will be held in higher regard than a life,

And I'd like to think we have another twenty years after that,

Not us personally but the human disgrace, the face of the earth,

Poster boys for all absurd and inert,

Stagnant and waiting for some life, dormant and just waiting to die,

It's callous and hollow, I know, but it's just a moment in time,

And if we rise from this earth as some spectre or ghost,

Would we visit our old haunts or go some place new?

Would we be blessed with omniscience and know and see all,

I really hope not 'cause I've been meaning to travel,

Well, I guess in the end the soul dies and the body lives on,

Takes a new life and travels with parasites,

Forever on holiday and seeing the world,

It's callous and hollow, I know, but it's just something on my mind,

I love you too.

The End

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