The Hope of a Morning

The hope of a morning
A baby's first breath
Not knowing of horrors
Of pain and of death
His mother tries to shield him
From the cruelty of the world
But the covering over his eyes
Becomes slowly unfurled
It starts in school
As they call him names
He frowns, befuddled
Confused by their games
He tells them to stop
"It hurts me inside."
But they proceed to mock
And tear down his pride
And so it continues
Throughout his academic career
Each trip to the schoolhouse
Bringing more torment and fear
And as time passes
The jeers become blows
His body blemished by bruises
One eye swollen closed
Of his pain, he tells no one
Choosing to bear it in silence.
His refusal to whimper
His one form of defiance
But the beatings continue
Until his mother's heart is crushed
When the ominous ring of a telephone
Breaks the early-morning hush
She rushes to the school
Her boy lying broken on the grass
And the hope of a morning
Is lost at last


The End

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