talking to myself

talking to my self is kinda fun

one time i talked to my self for seven hours i was talking to my self as doctor phill

i was pointing out my problmes

and i was telling myself wat i needed to do to fix my problmes

and then i made up my how to get a guy the right way theory

la di da

why do people do that when weare waiting for people

is it because we are used to call waiting or elevator music

mabye we do it because we invented elevator music and call waiting

thats a funny thought  i love you karissa you have know idea how much :DD

i love you so much i wish i could live with you so i could spend every daywith you and know whats up all the time

and see your giddy face in the morning

i bet your gunna have fun reading this

i know i had fun writing it


The End

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