On a Hot Summers Night

insomnic repitition repeats itself once more
still hot and sticky from the day before
a sweat dripping means only one thing calls
the blue and white room where the water drops fall
without this pool of water from the sky
i may not be able to drift off
and instead be left to drown in my memories forevermore

the summer sun is again soo old
instead the moon glows, in a thick black night, gold
another thought, another memory is another story told
and i'll start to miss the winter nights of cold
where we could snuggle up and watch the night unfold
one more sand and i'll let this night lose control
and ill be left alone, left a dieing soul
starrign at the light with songs blasting through a stereo

a thump at the door means ive lost my mind
but no scared tears run from my eye
as i they no longer cry
once again unawakened ill never be at peace
cause how can you wake up if you never were asleep?
this bright darkness an excuse for me to unwind
but perhaps soon all over as a new day begins to rise

The End

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