On a Freezing Winters Night

the snow white snow lightens up the night
the brightened reflection confuses my eyes
and even my goosebumps on my goosebumps have goosebumps
longing for my craddle, rocking in my tree
and shivering in pain cause your not next to me
it's a year ago to the day and i'm still crazy

time, dates, numbers sinking in my mind
snuggled up to myself staring at blank rainbows
the clocks tik's louder than tok's
perhaps a sign ive taken a knock
my final blow im out cold
my lungs take warm breathes which freeze in the air

i'll find new positions to make me comfy
i'll turn a new leaf and turn into a prince
but with these tired eyes i see like a fool
fall for you so easy think i look a tool
freeze the sunset, i'm froozen in your touch
still feel your lips pressed on mine, but the taste is from my clutch

The End

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