I'll have fun watching myself call upon unprecedented irony to murder your happiness

There, staring at the sky, arms wrapped around beauty on evil's night, the dagger pushes further inside me

Any moment, I'll cease to be different

You'll be dead, with the power of my words pressed upon your fingers

I'll cut, cut your eyes,

Cut your death note into your eyes,

I'm overdue

Slaughter is overdue

Don't forget who I am

My past has nothing to do with this.

Blame me and I'll die

I am not just any other murderer

My slaughter turned my head

Lying at different angles

Her intentional strut broke me

Arms wrapped around my old escape 

This plan is flawed

Your perception;

I've never hesitated to kill.

Am I the only one trapped in realisation?

This is clarity

Sadistic, horrific clarity.


This was never intentional. 

The End

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