Old Savagery

I often think about humanity as a whole, so brilliant and yet so cruel. The most popular explanation for the cruelty part seems to be "well, its just evil", but that answer doesn't do it for me.
If you really look at nature you begin to see why we're this way. We had to be cruel to survive, as messed up as that is. If such wants and needs existed in the first place, obviously they were there for a reason, and this old savagery persists even when it is not needed.

Since brother killed brother
And life tore down life
We tortured our fellows
And ignored what was right
Wired to be monsters
While taught to be saints
Our future seemed sure
Now its growing quite faint
The sun lifts and falls
And ideas wage their wars
We climb and we conquer
And wonder, what for?
Ignoring the doubts
That keep us constrained
We grapple with hungers
With morals and blame
Connect all the dots
And cross all the ts
Beneath this thin mask
Lies old savagery
Strange contradictions, made by the mad
If you knew where it came from you might just be glad
That nature drove us against one another
Far, far long before brother killed brother

The End

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