Old Poems of Mine

Listing some old poems of mine, one per chapter. Yes, I know some of them totally suck, but I still like 'em. Feel free to post your comments!

The first poem, which I wrote October 9, 2006.


I behold thee, thou of thunderclouds,

Compassed about of fire,

Swaddled in thick darkness,

And lightnings thine attire:

I know thee who thou art,

The holy one of God,

I know thy strength, what it is,

Made of iron, a shepherd's rod.

I know thee who thou art,

Clothed in forbidden ligh,

Blinding those that see,

That they may have real sight.

I know thee who thou art,

Whom diadems cannot tell,

Whom jewels cannot brighten,

With whom darkness cannot dwell.

I know thee who thou art--

I know in whom I have believed--

I know thee in my heart,

Whose grace my fear relieved.

The End

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