Old Love

Seeing an old couple in the park.

Old love.

Seeing an old couple holding hands

Their wedding rings shinning in the sunlight.

They way they look into each others eyes


Memories that they have shade

Laughs that they have laughed together

Love that they still feel every day


Kissing goodnight and holding each other close

Waking up together and smiling ready to face a new day


As long as they are together, nothing else really matters

Growing old together, nothing else really matters

They're a pair, nothing can pull them apart

Nothing really matters, they will always be together

No matter what happens


They carry the sadness, the lost

If they lose their love one

But, they will shine together again soon

Nothing can break the bond that they feel for each other

The love in their hearts will wait to beat again as one


Nothing else really matters

The love that they have will never change for each other

If it lost then it will never beat again

Until the words

‘I love you'

Awaken the beating hearts.

The End

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