I hate those things people say

that there is never an appropriate response to.

“You look tired.”

“Do you mind?”

“Don’t take this the wrong way.”

“Does this hurt?”

But the worst of all of these is:


“Are you okay?”


It is a question people seem to make a point of asking

only in public spaces,

so answering “no” with a flood of emotions

is obviously unacceptable.

But answering “yes” is also useless,

because both you and the asker know

that if you were truly “okay”

the question wouldn’t be there

in the first place.


And no one really wants an answer, anyways,

it’s like a half-assed way

to pretend you’re a friend

who cares.

Well fuck off.

If you are so aware that I am not “okay”

and I’m not telling you,

then maybe you’d consider the best thing to do

is bite your tongue,

and find a more appropriate way

to phrase your intrusion on my mental state.


I get asked this question all the time,

like when I’m standing in the lunch line

waiting for some disgusting concoction 

masquerading as food.

“Are you okay?”

No!  Make me a pie!

Yes.  I’m not about to faint or have a seizure.

No, because I was fine until you asked

but now I’m all paranoid 

thinking something must be hideously wrong with me

for you to ever dream

that asking that question

could be anything but


The End

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