Oh Those War Wounds

War wounds of all kinds.

So one day I was talking
To some of my friends,
Who’ve most of them claimed to be in war before.

So I told them:
You see that bullet wound,
Yes, that one.
It’s on my right shoulder.
You see that little scar right there?
It was from World War I.

My friends just rolled their eyes
And laughed at me.

Then I pointed to my left thigh,
And told them:
You see that large cut?
Yes, that big scar right there.
It’s very big and white.
You see it?
I got it from the Cold War.

My friends thought
That I was drunk.

So I rolled down my sock,
And said to them:
You see that burn?
Right there on the ankle?
You see how it’s been healing for thirty years now?
I got that from World War II.

My friends stared at me
Like I was stupid.

So I finally decided to point,
To a bite mark on my arm,
And told them forcefully:
You see that mark on my arm?
That painful bite
I experienced so much agony with?
It’s very obvious, it’s still bleeding.
I got that from a war with my wife.

My friends looked at me
As I finally spoke some sense,
And patted me on the shoulder,
Like a brother would to his other brother.

The End

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