Oh Sweet Caroline...

Oh my sweet Caroline
For you so long I pined
I cared not for sleep or comfort
just a raging desire to make you mine

Such distinguished admirers you rejected
How could I ever have stood a chance?
Bestowed with neither looks or grace
without the remotest possibility for romance

Still I doggedly followed you around
But your lovely eyes I was unseen
Sometimes you'd look right through me
From my soul, my thoughts could you glean?

So many times I wanted to approach
But would you in a conversation engage
be amused with my nervous banter?
or to my juvenile attempts appear unfazed?

Oh Sweet Caroline
Perhaps I had simply waited too long
I watched in horror as you withered away
hoping that right one would come along

When I finally I mustered enough courage
my body I could no longer deny
Oh sweet Caroline, that delightful candy
If I didn't eat you, I would certainly die


The End

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